NMB PM55L-048

NMB PM55L-048

NMB PM55L-048

7,57 IVA Incl.

Model: PM55L-048-HHD0 Shaft Length: 15mm Wire Length: 300mm fly lead (no connector) Wire Holder: 90 deg. Left Front Plate: FPH (65mm pitch) Electrical: 24V, 600mA Bipolar Constant Current 5.5 ohms, MS70M

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Model : PM55L-048-HHD0 Drive Mode : BIPOLAR CHOPPER Drive Voltage : 24.0 V Method : 2-2P Drive IC : UDN2917EB Surge/Current : / 600 mA / Phase (Peak) Coil Resistance : 5.5 Ω Magnet Material : MS70M Stator Material : SECC


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