Mitsumi M42SP-5

Mitsumi M42SP-5

Mitsumi M42SP-5

7,50 5,63 IVA Incl.

Paso 7.5 35 Ohm Working Voltage DC 21.6~26.4V

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Rated Voltage DC 24V Working Voltage DC 21.6~26.4V Rated Current/Phase 216mA 850mA(PEAK) No. of Phase 4 Phase Coil DC Resistance 120Ω/phase±7% 6.2Ω/phase±10% Step Angle 7.5°/step Excitation Method 2-2 Phase excitation (Unipolar driving) 2-2 Phase excitation (Bipolar driving) Insulation Class Class E insulation Holding Torque 94.1mN·m 85.0mN·m Pull-out Torque 46.1mN·m/200pps 65.0mN·m/800pps Pull-in Torque 45.6mN·m/200pps 76.0mN·m/200pps Max. Pull-out Pulse Rate 445pps 1,380pps Max. Pull-in Pulse Rate 435pps 600pps

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