Quadro NVS 285


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Form Factor Nvidia Quadro NVS 285 128MB PCIe Dual Head Low profile, both ATX and low profile brackets included Graphics Controller Integrated Quadro 285 2D graphics processor unit (GPU) Bus Type PCI-Express Memory 128 MB DDR (64 MB local frame buffer plus 64 MB of system memory via TurboCache) Connector Single high-density DMS-59 Flex Connector Dimensions Low-profile, 2.586 x 6.6 in (6.57 x 16.76 cm) Multi-monitor support Dual analog or digital monitors RAMDAC Dual 350 MHz (integrated) Maximum pixel clock 350 MHz Overlay planes One 16-bit Video overlay plane High-definition Video Processor (HDVP) Full screen, full frame video playback of HDTV and DVD content DVD-ready motion compensation for MPEG-2 Independent hardware colour controls for video overlay Hardware colour-space conversion (YUV 4:2:2 and 4:2:0) IDCT motion compensation 5-tap horizontal by 3-tap vertical filtering 8:1 up/down scaling